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Originally Posted by crimson66 View Post
Yes sir,
That is normal when the heli is in stability mode.
When I first got my 230s I was not confident in trying to lift the heli off because it kept wanting to do this.
However if you just pull it back left some until you get off the ground it will then fly very nicely. The gyro is trying to correct the torque of the blades when the blades arent spinning so it thinks it needs to go that way to be level. Just fly the disc on the ground and get into the air quickly and it will work fine.
I find if before I start to spool up I adjust left past level, then spool it's about back to level while it's still adjusting during the slow start. By lift off I'm not having to compensate nearly as much as before when I didn't do this. It is a bit distressing to see it start to tip just as it's lifting off.

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