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Hey guys, as a new pilot to team KBDD I thought I would post a little bit about me in here. I started in this great hobby 12 years ago, flying RC planes. I learned on a .40 size trainer with the help of my local club. I was pretty content with airplanes at the time, and continued to learn new maneuvers etc. Go forward 5 years and my club had a heli fun fly. I saw a 600n getting thrown around pretty well, and couldn't believe what I was seeing!
All it took was that one flight and I was bitten hard by the heli bug. At 12 years old, it was pretty daunting attempting to get into helis, especially since the club I belonged to was all planes. I went out a few months later and bought an Esky Honeybee King 2. The first "flight" on that lasted about 5 seconds, and I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew. I learned to fly that heli in a summer, and was pretty happy with up to nose in hovering. Since then I have had a few more helis, and have settled on currently flying a Trex 500l Dominator and Gaui X3.
I have been flying KBDD products for 6 years now, starting on the first Trex 450. I tried a few different brands, but after putting the KBDDs on, nothing compared to the flight characteristics, durability, and outstanding visibility I got from them. So, I continued to fly them and put them on everything I fly.
Right now I am living in Grand Forks, ND, attending the University of North Dakota for commercial aviation and unmanned aircraft systems. I am going into my junior year up here, and loving every minute of it. I am working this summer flying an unmanned aircraft for a research project, and really enjoy that. When I am not out flying helis, you can find me at the airport continuing my flight training. Anyways, I am totally stoked to be apart of team KBDD, and look forward to representing this awesome company!
Team Synergy
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