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Default TREX 700 N FBL head linkage

Hi Bob -

I just want to ask if is it okay to use these Linkage rod(E) (Φ1.96x72mm) on Align item HN7064 on my V1 TREX700N FBL head as a swash to blade grips linkage?

I know for a fact that the designed linkage for the head is(Φ2.5x71mm) which are thicker by a .5+mm. Align item [ALI-HN7100A]

Well I'm asking since I have these thinner linkages lying around and planning to use them. BTW I saw the old flybared heads that use the 1.96mm rods. so is it really imperative to use the thicker 2.5mm rod on a FBL head?

Let me know if my question make sense to you sir?
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