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Default Walkera V120 motor in a V977.

Looking for more power, I put a motor from a Walkera V120D02S in a V977 (part number WK-WS-15-001). It's wider than the stock motor but the same height and has the same mounting hole positions and thread size so it fit's without much fuss. I used a stock 10 tooth V977 pinion.

I've got 10 packs thru it alternating flights between it and a stock V977. The power seems only slightly improved. It was hard to really tell a lot of difference except doing tic tocs. They were a little easier. Also, the new motor tended to cause more tail kick on some stunts, so it must be providing at least a little more punch. The V120 motor is a couple of years old, so a new one might be slightly better. Also, I didn't have the right pinions to experiment around with to help out the performance. It must be a .5 mod, but I only have selections in .3 and .4 mod pinions.

After the flights the V120 motor was very cool and the ESC and front of the frame was very hot. It might need a better ESC to get more power from this motor.

Conclusion: Don't rush out and buy the motor, but If you need to replace your motor it might be worth the extra $4. Maybe if a better ESC or better gearing can be found it would do better. I'm hoping to see some other people's results.

For the tests I used V931 blades (big help) and graphene batteries with about 20 cycles on them. I had a SUT tail motor on the V120 based V977, so a K110 motor might really help on this setup.

V120D02S motor:
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