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Default V931 & 130X blades on a V977 / K110

Well I finally tried some V931 blades on my V977 like all the cool kids are doing. My first impressions are that they have a little more lift on a full battery, tend to be more 'floaty', rotate in flips a little slower but maintain head speed in a flip better. They definitely have a different feel to them, some people like floaty, some don't. But the best part is they seem to have a lot more lift at low head speed, like when the battery is almost dead, giving me considerably more '3D' flight time. Also, the improved low head speed lift makes bogs less problematic, causing less crashes. I do most stunts 2 - 6 feet off the ground leaving little recovery altitude if I bog. These blades cut my number of crashes in half.

I took a heli with KBDD Pilot's Choice MCPX blades and flew it until flips would bog no matter how carefully done. Checked the battery - 3.84V. Then I installed the V931 blades and kept flying on the discharged battery. I was able to do flips for another 1:20 before it was bogging like the KBDD blades. Stopped and checked the battery again - 3.69V. A massive improvement.

Some of the overall improvement seems to be from genuinely better lift and some because the longer blades store more 'flywheel' energy. Sort of like revving a motorcycle then popping the clutch. So... I thought why not try the biggest flywheel I could mount. The largest blades I could fit before interfering with the tail rotor were KBDD 130X blades.

The 130X blades are a blast to try. Stunt's really 'pop' because of the built up energy. You can get about 3 flips in a row before the you have a noticeable head speed drop, but then it needs a long time to build the head speed back up. If you do multiple flips, the first one is the only one with noticeably more pop than the stock blades. The biggest 'problem' with the pop these blades give is it kept pulling the main shaft up on the main gear in mid air. If I didn't catch it when it started I would do a flip and the heli would go one way and the main gear would go another. I kept flying it until I finally lost a main bearing mid-flight. I don't think the 130X blades are ideal, but they are fun to play with. I'm definitely going to try them some more, but with a new main gear this time. Maybe they can fly better with less collective pitch range, we'll see.

Also, I tried the generic all red V931 blades on eBay. They fly as good as the genuine blades and are easier to see.
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