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Originally Posted by ArchmageAU View Post
Yes an no.

You may need to re-calibrate Phoenix from a blank/unaltered DX6i model. If it is calibrated from normal mode of a programmed DX6i model, the collective becomes WAY too twitchy (as you have experienced).

Calibration ensures that Phoenix understands the signal from the DX6i. The Channels in Phoenix should closely match the output on the DX6i monitor display.

That said, a real CP heli is quite twitchy on the cyclic and rudder controls (forward/back - go left/go right - turn left/turn right). Usually they will not self level and will continue to accelerate in a direction unless corrected.

My 700E will climb at 30ft per second from a standing start and can fly at over 60mph without much effort. These machines IRL do have a lot of power and the skill is in keeping it under complete control.

Best of luck. If any of the above is confusing, please ask (especially about the calibration).
I followed the instructions again. Im not sure what i did wrong the first time but the collective is now much more manageable. Thank you for your help. Once again I am amazed with the support and guidance that the RC community is willing to provide.
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