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Hi. The problem I face here is that I am totally new to vbar, so no knowledge of bank switching etc. I also contacted Mikado for this who referred me to their FAQ thread on vbar settings. here is the copy pasted part

NEO and 3rd party radio - external Gov ESC setup:
Setup / Receiver:

The Motor Switch is a 3-Position Switch with the positions -100/0/+100 or 0/50/100 = OFF / IDLE / RUN.
The channel is split in three segments, so in the case of 0/50/100, it switches at about 33 % from OFF to IDLE and at about 66 % from IDLE to RUN (thinking in terms of throttle stick / throttle curve).

There is NO coupling between throttle curve and ESC when set up the recommended way, but

you switch head speeds using the Bank Switch -100/0/+100 or 0/50/100 = Bank 1/2/3—and the Motor Switch in RUN position—between three throttle-%ages or requested head speeds that you enter on the main page of the VBar Software in the Governor box.

If you switch the Motor Switch from ON to IDLE, the throttle value Autorotation from the main page will be output (as autorotation idle / bailout).

To set up the ESC use the panel Gov. II in the Setup, Throttle Servo adjustment, ONLY now you have coupling between the throttle / collective stick (with the pitch curve stored in the transmitter) to set up the the ESC. This setting remains active until you deactivate it, so you can also disconnect the ESC (if necessary, including BEC) from the battery to bring it into programming mode.


You can also enter the channel number of the throttle channel from the transmitter on the Setup panel / Receiver for channel AUX 3, and connect the Master of the ESC to AUX 3
This way you have throttle control from the transmitter as before.
Note then that you have to make sure the failsafe settings in the transmitter (and test failsafe!), and that you should assign an additional channel to the Motor Switch, which is operated together with the throttle settings.
Background: this way VStabi 'knows' when the model is powered and when not, and writes log file entries when the motor is actuated, and adjusts inter alia the control loop in the autorotation somewhat.

The last FAQ gives some hint but again I need some more elaborate explanation of that. It says connecting ESC to Aux3 can probably be easier to setup. But how to do it. Someone very kindly should explain if possible. Please be mindful that I am using castle governor. I have bought three vbar neos bought for my Goblin KSE kits but if I don't understand this than all investment is a total waste.
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