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Originally Posted by Helimaster1 View Post
Let me know if i understood correctly.

You mean to say we will be needing a switch to run the motor and all the banks will control headspeeds. Like we have to set uo bank 1,2,3 to IU1,2,3.

There will be no Throttle curve in the TX.

Just like we use the Vbar neo internal governor. We have to assign a separate switch for the motor and banks control the Headspeeds.

Once coming for landing we cannot spool down until we hit the motor switch button to OFF position.Once the motor switch is on and the motor is running we can fly however we want in any bank mode and then to stop the motor that switch has to be turned off in order to shut the motor.

Is this correct.

Hello. That's the thing I am also trying to get. This method has been referred to me by Mikado help. This is mentioned in their help section of neo. However there seems a still hope in the alternative part, where what I understand is we use Aux3 for ESC plug and rest curves in the ESC stay the same like old fashioned way. Still I don't know how if collective controls the motor or only effects the pitch. This is so confusing man
Any desperate help is needed before I throw the units away.
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