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Default K120 Servo Saver Mod

A servo saver mod allows the collar of a servo arm to expand when it takes an impact so it can slip on the servo shaft and reduce stress on the servo gears. The O-Ring on the outside keeps it from expanding too easily and slipping in flight or on very minor impacts.

After you cut a slit thru the servo arm collar so it's a 'c' instead of an 'o', install a 007 O-Ring or X-Ring around the collar. It's a slightly tight fit, and keeps the collar from expanding too easily and slipping during hard maneuvers, but stretches to allow the collar to expand and the arm to slip during a crash. A 006 X-Ring or O-Ring is a tighter fit and will slip less often, but transfers more impact to the servo gears. I am currently using 006 X-Rings because I have spare servo gears on hand so occasional gear damage isn't a big issue for me.

I don't do the servo saver mod on the K110 or V977 and have never damaged a servo after hundreds of crashes, but everybody crashes differently. I usually crash these because I bog the motor. I rarely crash hard as the heli is de-accelerating right before the crash, just not de-accelerating hard enough due to the bogging.

007 O-Rings:
007 X-Rings:

006 O-Rings
006 X-Rings

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