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Originally Posted by driftermickh View Post
I got to agree with Pete. Not that I would tell anyone what to buy.
Once flying, the 200SRX is a fun bird. But start out cheap and small.
I use a V911 here in the house. Bad weather keeps me flying and
always learning. The 911 is a fun bird for in the house. Just my
opinion here. Start cheap and stay cheap till you can fly without
having an expensive crash. And, you will crash...

I will also third that comment... I have the 200 srx its a fun bird but if I did it over I would go to the nano's first. Then go up to a cp 230 or something else. The 200 srx is an awesome bird just lacks climbing power which can get you into issues. I crashed mine recently very lightly only because it was going with the wind and dropped like a rock. I couldn't pull it up at all to keep it from crashing and at the end had to just give up and drop the throttle. These are better if you can find the 8 degree blades, set the head speed up, and maybe the higher tooth pinion. Then you are talking about a very fast fixed pitch bird that can really get you into trouble starting out.

I would also agree with muscle memory issue as well. Since these self level flying collective pitch becomes a completely different challenge. I am sort to the point where I wonder if using "safe" is the best route to go. It helps level things out but the way you fly is completely different. You might be better off with a self level button and collective pitch more.

Also purchased one recently for a roommate because I couldn't talk him into the nano. He had such a hard time even hovering this thing. I am afraid he will be paying tons for parts. Swallow some pride get a nano and crash it tons . I know I crash mine everyday and it has yet to cost me a dime.
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