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Originally Posted by myxiplx View Post
Actually I don't think the REX3 is really all that much smaller, maybe a little thinner.

Over here the receivers are all practically the same price too so I'm using REX6 on everything that's too big for a r7 nano.

I figure for the price I may as well have the ports in case I ever need them. With 6 ports they'll work on heli's, cars and planks.
Exactly my thinking in general. A goblin 700 is not going to alter flight characteristics with 10 grams of weight difference.

I have 4 rex7 receivers waiting to be installed.

Now on an Oxy 3 the r3/rex3 works but the antenna are too long. A better solution is the r5l with the shorter antenna they work perfect on that platform and for small foamies.
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