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Default X6 transmitter programming - pitch curve

OK, let's go over this in detail...

1) Throttle hold on. I mostly use low rates, but that's not relevant here.

2) Set it in IU mode (pitch can be set induvidually for both pos). Also use 3G mode.

3) Hold down MODE button for a few secs until you enter the menu. Then use the wheel and scroll down to "pitch curve". Press the wheel.

There's 6 "bars" in the photo, but only 5 are actually in use. It may seem a bit weird, but the left bar is for down/negative pitch. Here the value "0"(zero) is max available pitch (for instance 20 is less pitch). The rightmost bar is up/positive pitch. Here the value 100 is max available pitch (for instance 80 is less pitch). The values in between are set at suitable/gradual values between the two outermost.

4) Now, but first we need to set zero pitch at mid stick. Put the stick at dead center position. Then fold both blades back. Also make sure the swash is level, if not adjust that at the same time. This is how we want it to look:

It it's not, then pop off all 3 servo links. Adjust like 1 full at a time on all 3. Check again.

5) After that is done it's time to set maximum pitch in both directions. We can eyeball this by doing like this, and making sure it's approx. equal up/down:

It should be well above the boom both pos and neg.

6) Now, how much will "work" will vary from heli to heli (batt, motor etc). So this final part you cannot "copy". You need to fly, go to IU, do a full pitch up. Go inverted, full pitch inverted. Any signs of tail blow out then land, re-adjust (lower), test again...

I ended up with these settings:

You scroll with the wheel between the 5 bars, select by pressing - it'll then blink, adjust by scrolling, press... and so on.

Oh, and always make sure your main gear is fully pressed on, otherwise it'll all be a waste of time
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