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Originally Posted by dizzy View Post
Dear Sokal,

First, let me thank you for your service to our country. Second, thank you for the service to us down here in the surreal hobby world of beautiful helis like the B400. It is people like you who really make a difference in this cool hobby.

I have experienced the types who do not want you in "their" sport and purposely tell you crap to discourage you or worse, make you wreck or damage your gear. Then there are the forums where when you ask simple or uneducated questions everyone dog-piles the flames of scorn on you and never answer the question.

I find to be mostly nice folk if not down right helpful like yourself and others. Thank you again for everything you and the "real" helifreaks do for us noobs!

jb (aka dizzy)
thanks and i agree people here are really helpful. we may get in to disagreement about lil things but if anyone ask even the left field type question we all answer it the best we know how or that it has happen to us and know your pain. so from us REAL FREAKS thanks
and your welcome so comon in aget a chair the HFA session is about to begin

I Sokal am an addicited...................

but do your self a favor and dont label your self as a noooob
i prefer heli pilot in training
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