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Names T.J. and yes I originally started off as an airplane pilotÖ Well for 6 months that is. I basically got bored. Then BAM helicopters, a used Kyosho Concept 30 DX with heli ball muffler and mechanical gyro to be exact. I havenít been bored since. I have flown/owned so many different types of helis from concept 30, nexus, shuttle z, raptor v1, v2, raptor 90, hirrobo evo, lite machine. Then came the electrics Ms hornet, trex 450ís, align trex 600E 1st gen. and on and on.

I am located near St. Louis MO and I am part of the St. Louis whirly birds.

The first time I used a KBDD product was on the blade series of micros. The KBDDís flew better than stock, were easy to see and more importantly they would take a hit and keep on ticking! They were a mid-day stress relief as I taught several coworkers to fly helis on lunch break. Fast forward a bit.

I am currently a pilot with Evolution helicopters flying the Rush 700 (my main machine, love this thing). I am also eagerly awaiting the release of the Versa latter this fall (starting to collect electronics). I also have a protos max, goblin 500, Raptor E700 and some blade stuff.

I would like to thank KBDD for bringing me on. Also if you see me at the field need some help or maybe someone just to spot for ya just ask.
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