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This is a major bummer, I've been a ATX user since the early 90's.. Spectra and moved on to my RD8000 (first major computer radio for me!)..

Then the SD-10g... but now reading on other forums that there's NO MORE repair or support?

I've been looking at the Graupner and Horus (Ugly as sin) radios.. but now we need telemetry with the new F3x stuff and sailplane competitions.

I'm sad to see ATX out of the game as I left Futaba early on due to cold solder joints and bad junk and NEVER had a failure with my ATX gear.

As a matter of fact, my SD-10g has been so solid, flying in noisy environments, I've had both Futaba (FASST) and Spektrum (DSMx) go down at the same time and my latency slowed down by never lost a link!
Goodbye Airtronics !

You've been excellent to me and never let me down!

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