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Default VTX Rotorblades - Aero Engineering

Hi folks, my name is Bill Wightman - aero engineer for VTX Designs. This is my first post in your forum and let me say right off I'm impressed! What a tremendous group of fliers who represent an incredible cross section of experience and flying skills from all over the world.

I've been humbled by your response to the new blades, and have had the pleasure to even meet a few of you at IRCHA this year. My engineering background has been 100% in the full scale world - over 30 years in aerospace engineering to date. Its been quite a brisk journey getting spooled up on helicopter flight dynamics, and sharpening my tools to design the VTX blades you're flying now.

Model helicopter blades run in an aerodynamic coffin corner, and are tasked to operate at high angle of attack while sustaining high surface loading. Its been a tough design challenge, and a very long road with many hundreds of hours of engineering, flight test, production issues, and re-work.

I decided to poke my head in here because I wanted to let you know that VTX wants to support their product, and has given me *some* latitude to converse about the blades, from a customer support point of view.

So I'm here as time permits to talk about OUR blades, answer your questions, and give you an opportunity to share your ideas, constructive critique and feedback (esp feedback!) on the new VTX blades.

Thanks for your most warm reception on the market. Its been fun so far and there's much more to do!

- Bill
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