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Originally Posted by dominator View Post
Is there any chance you could tell us the airfoils used? Maybe show us some polars that we could compare to NACA foils?
It would be awesome to see why you chose to design them the way they are
Yes! I would love to see this as a fellow engineer. Something that always plagues model aircraft when scaling down designs is low Reynolds numbers. However, for a 700 sized blade at 2000 rpm, I calculate a tip speed above incompressible flow speeds, and a Re above the critical Re of 500,000, so I would guess the flow is predominantly turbulent, and pretty atypical for model aircraft wings!

How does that affect model aircraft rotor design? I am sure you don't want to give away any trade secrets, but it must be a challenge to get any sort of efficiency back at these aerodynamic regimes!

EDIT: I had the Reply window open for along time and didn't see that you had already posted in reply to Dennis. You covered a lot of the same ground I was asking about. Sorry!

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