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Originally Posted by UCPharmD View Post
I just bit. Ordered 717s.

After reading the OP's explanation, I couldn't resist. Some serious thought went into these. Gotta see for myself.

Thats a true endorsement - thank you! However, now its time to fly those babies. Let us know how it goes.

rb30cory: Ah yes I think I do remember... you were the first one I spoke to with a Goblin. Later that afternoon, another guy came by who had them on a TDR. That surprised me; it was the first dedicated speed machine AFAIK with VTX on it. Both of you guys are saying what I hear 100% of other pilots say about FFF tracking - its tight. You machine is heavy, but about the same as the old Logo700. No problem! Thanks for your PIREP also - these pilot feedback reports are incredibly important to us. Cheers!

edit: I was just thinking about how high your flying elevation is and looked up Saltillo on a map - looks like it can also be hot. So I ran a quick evaluation on the 717 blade to see how it performs under those conditions. Due to the density altitude, you're losing about 17% of the max rotor lift at 6000ft / 95dF (real hot day). At that temp, you can run a little more head speed and get away with it due to mach being a function of air temperature. So the upper end of what I'll call the "efficiency envelope" for the 717 at that temp will be 20 rpm faster, or 2020 rpm. That will get you some of that lost performance back.
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