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I was the 1st guy to demo them at IRCHA on my Protos Max(717mm), and I put a set on my TDR(697mm) later.

Sorry Cory, couldn't resist!

I came over and shook your hand and thanked you for creating them and am waiting patiently for the 557's and tail blades to be released.

I don't have my TDR setup for speed and doubt that it has ever been over 120mph, but it really likes the 697mm VTX blades. It's 10lbs, 9oz and those blades feel perfectly matched for it.

I just setup my TDR2 specifically for speed ( 12lbs 13.4oz) and am currently running X713S blades on it.

Do you think that the VTX blades would actually work better in speed runs than the X713S speed blades at 150mph+ speeds?

Related to that question can the 717's withstand 2700 rpm head speeds?

I wouldn't want to run them past their design limits. I saw what happens when you do that on the flight line at IRCHA when an overspeed blew a set of SAB blades apart.

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