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[QUOTE=Probably not. Hard to tell until we crash one [/QUOTE]

Well, I crashed one. Low altitude, very fast hard banking turn. Frame 90 degrees to the ground, misjudged. I wish I could say it was wind, or a deer distracted me (that has happened), but this time, I just flew it into the ground. Basically it was a rotor disk strike, and then a fierce tumble. This was not one of those blade strikes and replace the main gear; this thing was balled up. Luckily, I keep a good stock of spares for my helis and between the 300 CFX and the 230 S, I had what I needed.
trashed the blade tips ($29.00 USD USD)
about 6 teeth missing off the main gear ($.4.99 USD)
blade grip links popped off one still connected to the swash plate, the other, lost (one link, $1.50 USD)
The metal link post from one plastic blade grip pulled out and is missing (This screwed back in and I put some CA on it to keep from backing out)
Blades struck the tail boom, ding and slight bend. ($12.34 USD)
Tail rotor trashed ($2.00 USD)
FYI Canopy survived, no damage (Yay!)

So cost of repair with blades: $48.99.00 USD Without blades: $20.83 USD. With Lynx 3D Plastic Blades $33.83
So this is just one crash and the frame took no damage. Just for comparison sake:
230 S frame: 7.99, 250 CFX frame 26.99 Difference $19.00 USD
230 S blades: 9.99, 250 CFX Blades: $29.00 USD, Difference $10.01 USD

So for this crash, the big difference was the price of the blades.

But over all, the blades are the big difference, and the reason I say this and not the frame is because, I have had the 230 S since the day it came out. I have hundreds of flights on it (lost count) and I have repaired it more times than I want to admit (it is my training heli). I am going to make a statement here. For the crash my 250 CFX just endured, the 230 S frame would have been damaged. The 250 CFX frame took no damage (solid). While the 230 S frame is only $7.99 USD, that is a total rebuild, not a quick fix. (ugggh). This is not to say when you auger in from high altitude that carbon fiber frame will survive. But I think with the low mass of the heli, the frame will be fairly durable. (more than the 230 S anyway)

I am not making a claim that the 250 CFX is better than the 230 S. (I like them both) I am just reporting the damage and my conclusion on the crash. Value is based on the individual needs, desires, and situation.

I questioned the decision to buy this heli since I had a 230 S, and I have seen the question asked here as well. I got my personal answer yesterday. I crashed my 250 CFX and put it on the table. I popped a battery in my 230 S and kept training. (Flew 3 more batteries) So for me ... yes. "More helis, more better".
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