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Originally Posted by dlm4001 View Post
To me, they feel similar. The 250 just has ... more edge.
Agree 100%. This morning the wind was pretty brisk with gust up to 16mph. I wanted to fine tune the tail gain which now holds perfectly in IU1 and 2 and decided the wind didn't matter for this process. I'm pleased to report that the wind has very little effect compared to the 230S in high winds.

I do still have a little tail blow-out in Normal mode but who cares!!! I only take-off and land in this mode so it really does not matter.

With the tail rotor parameter "P" set at 150%, it is rock solid with no wag in hover or flight. This adjustment didn't seem to affect the tail in Normal mode. Very easy and quick to adjust the gain settings using a DX7-G2. Probably easy with any telemetry enabled Spektrum transmitter.

For those following the progress, easily getting 5 min on 1300mAh batteries with fairly hard flying. Can probably stretch to 6 min. if not doing a lot of acrobatics or 3d.
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