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Default Further shake down

More flights in and tweaking and I now have a good feeling for where this bird sits

I still had some tail spin when doing a pitch pump or in flips to inverted and back to upright. I would end up with about 30 degrees of rotation and some correction after load is released from cyclic. Also entry command of rudder was sluggish feeling. I was at 150 P already so I started with I gain and that helped the hold in pitch and cyclic. I ended with 150. I then started going up on the D gain and the response improved. This all makes sense as the model is heavier than the 230 and has the same tail power. So the tail motor would need to have signal to provide more power.

It was noted that the model is not as agile even in advanced as a 230. I noticed the controller is also turned up on peramater 4 cyclic response over the factor 100 already out of the box. I am going to go up for sure as coming over the top in piro flips is still slow and my stir is way outside to get her to come over as compared to the 230 whom flips quick and tight. I am hoping this parameter speed up the rate and is what is described as "response". Have to see.
It could be ATV has to go up over 100. I never had to adjust my 230 for this so never experimented. ATV on rudder slows the rate so I assume it is the same for ail/elv

Again I am running 1300 45c packs so they are heavier for sure. On an already heavy disc your needing more cyclic so the tail will feel it. I highly recommend keeping your packs light ! If you more than sport flying. Regular flight and sporty 3D felt good but it was a hog in a tic toc.

The model hovers way up on the stick and you need the extents for sure to horse it around 3D in comparison to the 230.

She is smooth and more precise than the 230 for sure

So with this pack I sure am not a fan yet.

I have 1000MAH packs I am going to try next...
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