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Originally Posted by crsorrell0653 View Post
I'm not getting a 250 as I have progressed to the 270 and 360. But the crash results of dlm4001 are consistant with the superiority of a c/f frame, they just don't bust, and a 230 would have been mince meat in that crash. But my two bobs worth is why not just fly plastic blades from Lynx (either carbon plastic or plastic for $13). I fly them on my 270 and they are fine, a little less punchy though. They don't bust in a crash (most crashes) whereas the c/f blades break with the slightest hit. And are about half the price. No brain-er in my book.
I don't see how you stick with the plastics on the higher performing models. When I started flying my Oxy I never even put the stock CF blades and went straight to plastic and stayed there for near 200 flights. Recently changed to the stock CF blade and it is near night and day in response. The plastics were spongy by comparison. Never again. They are twice the cost, but worth it IMO. On the 250, as it was on the 230, probably only a minimum amount of difference. They do break easy though.
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