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Thumbs up 6 more flights

I will try to get a video this weekend !

I have more flights and more tuning as I fly it harder I needed more tail gain as I was still popping the tail out like a blade BL feel. I am now up to 175 P and 175 I gains and have no oscillations or slow drifts so I'm still not over on the gain ? The tail is now finally making the distinctive tail sound when it digs in that was missing prior. It is less aggressive than my 230 so I think I need a little more gain. I am not sure why I am needing this much gain ? but it is going in the right direction to almost perfect so it is what it is. The tail motors are mass production so possibly mine is a little lower KV ?

First on 1000mah 30C packs the heli feels a great deal more like a 230 but smoother.
The pitch comes on quick and strong I am thinking of a little pitch expo as a next tweak. The heli gets back that float feel that was missing. It also redirects with less pitch needed and less bog in tic tocs ect.

My 1000 are 100 grams and 1300 are 120 grams about 3/4 an ounce ? I am surprised that this little amount of weight has such a feel difference but it is noticeable.

I am sticking 1300 but wanted to try the lighter packs. I think I will keep an eye out for lighter 1200 to 1300 packs.

I am at 125 ATV now and the cyclic rate is feeling more like my 230 and the speed I am used to. I will probably try 130 and 135 as I need just a bit more rate to match my standard feel of my big machines. I am used to the rate of my tri blade goblin so take that into account but the 230 stock rate is quite fast.

More flights more feedback. It is weekend time !
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