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It's a long story, but it didn't really work for me. I think the weights are ok but the spacers caused a wag. That my have been my fault but when I removed them the wag was gone. The problem appeared to be that when I tightened the grips on the tail blades the bearings were binding. I couldn't get it just right. Also, you have to file down the blades so that they don't hit the screw head holding the grips to the hub. I haven't messed with it since then. Many people here swear by them, so I would take my experience with w grain of salt.

I'm using stock DS410's for cyclic, a hyperion DS11-gcb tail servo with a carbon fiber pushrod, DFC head, beastx with a Spek DSM satellite, a Talon 15 ESC (with current limit disabled), 4,030 rpm governed head spead, and there's no wag. The tail authority is pretty good, but I'm still dialing it in and I'm not that good a pilot.

Honestly, I think it was the hyperion tail servo that fixed my wag, but even with that it wagged with the tail bearing spacers. The hyperion is smaller and lighter than the stock DS420 or 425, by the way. I'm going to put the weights back on one of these days because I think they're a good idea.

I warned you it was a long story. Hope this helps.
Theres a video that shows hwo the spacers and crushable washerse to be installed.

It seems important that you tigthen up the screw a tiny bit at a time checking for play and also that the bearings run free, once you start feeling the blade grips start to bind back the screw of a fraction.

If yout ighten it down too much the bearings will bind
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