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Default SD-10G Collective Failure

Out at the field I notice the collective was out of level ,after correcting the swash and trying again, it would go out of level on the collective again.
Back on the bench at home trying to correct the problem I noticed that the servo was not moving when I push the Throttle/Collective up,the throttle was working fine.When moving the aileron /elevator the servo worked fine on the collective side with full swing in all positions.Next I tried switching the positions on the RX with collective to the aileron and aileron to the collective with the same results.Tried new servo,same thing.Switch channels on the radio,same result.Went over to my other heli and tried the radio on the collective and the collective did not move and realized its the radio that collective is not working.
Seeing on line that airtronics is packing it in and their repair shop in California doesn't have anything to do with airtronics anymore I found a place in Florida that will repair Sanwa products.Has anybody used them for repair ? Any suggestion would help and it will be a long wait for the radio to come back as I live in Canada.
Cheers Larry
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