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Default Arduino current sensor - How To

Here's first attempt with the acs758.

Same as JWebber's with a 0.1uf capacitor from vcc to ground. It is the 150A bidirectional version so Vout gives 13.3mV for every 1 Amp so it might not be very accurate but should give a good idea. The dean plugs obviously won't handle 150A but this version I will put on my X3. I will make another with EC5 connectors for my G570.

Initial test show everything seems to be working fine.

This is a neat little chip! These things are supposed to handle over 200A the amp rating is just its measuring range. With the arduino mini pro, wires and connectors I'm still expecting this to come well under 20 grams.

Any reason why frsky and others are not using these for their high amp sensors?

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