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Originally Posted by Trebb View Post
Any reason why frsky and others are not using these for their high amp sensors?
No idea, but I was part of the Horus beta program and at the end, FrSky asked me what other products I'd like to see from them.

I asked for a current sensor in the 100A range that I could solder in line myself. That should cover all the way up to most 500 size helis and be much smaller than the 150A sensor that we currently have. I also asked for a telemetry device that could read the telemetry output from either Castle or HobbyWing and send it to the S.Port on the RX.

I think that we can do it for the latter ourselves if we can just get the format for the ESC output. I'm more interested in the HobbyWings. The V3's have the needed info in the user manual, but the v4's do not. I've reached out to HobbyWing about getting it and they said that they are thinking internally about it. So, we'll see. I have a HW 50A v3 extra, so I'm going to play with it. I'm also using this project as a way to help teach my son about programming.
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