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i solved my tail issues by repalcing the anologue servo i had (which wasnt that slow 0.06sec) with a turnigy tgy-306 ulltra precise digital servo.

its a little heavy, but im at 42% gain with the bar at default settings (microheli) not a hint of wag.

ive also got a carbon fibre rod on from the guiy 200 (trimmed slightly as it was too long)

i did have a home made chinese wight mode using servo balls, but this caused problems with the tail wanting to go full pitch on its own once you reached a certain trafvel point, removed it and my tail is actually pretty easy to move by hand at full headspeed.

i havnt tried piros yet, but when i tested it indoors with default settings and even low gain the tail would just go into WOD after a few seconds of hover, and everytime i gave rudder input. the only thing that stopepd it was low accel values.

but with new sevo it hink i can increase the accel and stop gains to get super crips tail.
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