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Originally Posted by RCDRONE View Post
Ok so I bought one of these china ZMR250 kits which came with the above ESC and motors. Since I have got it, it will unexpectedly cut off a motor! I have put on a new flight control CC3D and changed out a ESC and it still does it! I have seen it cut out different motors, I changed the one that seemed to cut out more than the others.. I thought it could be the Hz of the motors I had to high ect.. But nope nothing seems to fix it! Are these just prone to being "cheap setups and just the nature of the beast, that they will just sometimes cut out?! ugh! I have found if I just fly it softly no quick stick movements it tends not to cut out.. But I am not flying it knowing that it could cut out at anytime! I am about to just get all new esc and motors if this is the case! any input on this matter thanks!!

Inferring from your post I list your set up as

Emax 12a ESC
and no clue what motor

Typically if you are having one cut off and it isnt hardware failure, you are experiencing what is called desync. I cant attest to your build but chances are you have the esc pwm rate set at the wrong setting.
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