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Originally Posted by BirdBarber View Post
Tail BlowOut (TBO): It's like a tail kick, except more pronounced and it does not return to it's starting point. Tall blowout can often cause the tail to be 90 to 180 degrees off from where it is supposed to be.This happens with aggressive pitch changes or aggressive 3D stunts, and often results in a crash because the heli suddenly points the wrong way. TBO is almost always because of a weak or undersized tail motor or tail blade. It can also be because of a cracked tail boom, cracked tail blade, flaky solder joint on the tail motor wires or possibly a bad tail motor FET on the main board.
I've also found that if you're tail isn't holding or blowing out, you may have bent feathering spindle. I believe that this is because a bent feathering spindle causes the blades to be out of track which exerts more rotational forces that need to be counteracted by the tail and the tail will not be powerful enough to hold against it.

So if your tail won't hold or is blowing out, check the feathering shaft. Either that or the tail rotor is slipping on the tail motor shaft which a drop of Shoe Goo or Goop can temporarily fix as well.

And a bonus quick tip on checking if the feathering shaft is bent. Remove one blade and then use a small screwdriver to turn the screw in the end of the feathering shaft. If you can see or feel the blade grip or blade on the opposite side moving, then it's bent.
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