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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
It's not that the frame will fix anything, it's just that starting with the real thing is so much less trouble and expenditure. I've done things both ways, and I can promise you that starting with Align right from the start is much better on both counts. I spent a ton of money and struggled for a long time to get my CopterX/Align hybrid 250 to fly correctly.

With that said, however, you can get things to work with the frame you already have. You just have to follow all the known rules for setting up the head, swash, links, servos, rx, etc.
Thats the point im trying ti make. The frsme has heehaw to do with aligns poor head geometry and i want to know if they are ever going to fix it.

The problem is that even with the servo to swash links on the 2nd servo horn hole (10mm instead of 12) the controm loops are just on the edge of being i. The optimum range.

There are stacks of posts of people struggling to get into the recomenfed rsnge of there fbl (vbasr beastx. Zyx just to name a few)

These are posts from slign users not copterx.

If align are adressing this aswrll as there sloppy tail. Ill buy it.

While copterx isnt of best quslity. My poor choice of servos hsve caused the biggest ptoblems.

The heli will still fly with things not bei g i. Thr bst range id just rsthet have more resolution
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