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Just want to put out there where I had trouble understanding, I was worried about what percentage my ESC was running at in each bank, as I couldn't understand why I could set the 40/60/100 in the Neo for external gov and not able to set it for the internal Gov.
Simple answer is it doesn't matter, the 40/60/100 in the Tx only refers to the "ms" position for the Neo to know what bank to activate. The gearing and the Hs will determine what % the Esc will run at. As long as you have your gearing correct and the Esc is pushing close to 100% your golden, Castle of course. This is the good thing about Castles Logging....
So if there are people out there who think when you run the Tx Tc at the 40/70/100 this doesn't translate to %power out put of the Esc, It only refers the what "Ms" the Esc sees, it could be 34/68/99 it doesn't matter..... As long as your in proper range and your banks switch. It took me a while to remember all this but it all came back to me.
After being lazy and just plugging the numbers into Castle software, this is what happens...
I'd rather try and help someone instead of throwing Jabs..��
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