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Angry Servo wont work on AR7210BX but cyclic will but works on others! (HELP)

So I have been at this for hours..

I have two AR7210BX's

One in on my reg 570 using the Talon HV120 all the BK servos work fine etc.Running HV setup.

Now.. I have another set of BK / AR7210BX on my KSE 570 and the tail servo wont work. NOW.. If I plug in the cyclic servo to the rudder they work fine!

If I switch the non working BK servo to the other goblin running talon HV.. IT WORKS!

Heres a video.. Im assuming its the AR7210bx.. BUT.. The cyclic BK servo works in the rudder on the 7210bx.. sooo???


Any help will be appreciated
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