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Originally Posted by douglas4 View Post
nighttrain06: "The other I think I will convert to FBL."

Me too as you see in the last pic my other heli is the B450. My B450 has CNC tail case, extreme production 315mm blades, 65HB's for cyclic, stock ESC/Motor and the stock gyro/servo from another B450 I bought for parts, (gyro held better). I'm contemplating converting my B450 to FBL as well and installing it into a MD500 fuselage from Rc Aerodyne. Not sure if I want to cause I prefer the flybar. Simpler set up for me. I don't believe in all these fancy electronics to fly. Just an old fashioned Gyro and pilot skill to fly.

I know how ya feel, I have a soft spot for FB heli's myself...:-) but since I have 2....well.....;-)
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