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Originally Posted by Genesis X7 View Post
Yesterday I purchased another Blade 230S (BNF) to replace a recent runaway which was not recovered and noticed the receiver and the box it was shipped in (placed near bar code) both had a green dot sticker applied. I also noticed the usual sticker on the tail motor (which I removed) and similar stickers on each servo and on the frame.

If Brian Bremer could answer what the significance of these stickers represents. Is this to show that the unit was inspected and possibly test flown before it left HH's distribution warehouse. I noticed the firmware is of the latest version V4.23 and that the manual included seems to have been updated, however it does not mention the calibration procedure or trim flight procedure which previously was supplied as an additional two page addendum insert with my previous model.

Your answers Brian would be much appreciated.

Thank You,
With regards to my above noted post, I called HH earlier this afternoon and spoke with one of the Heli techs and confirmed the following.

1. All the E328 stickers found on all servos, both motors and the receiver are to show that these items have been QC checked and Passed QC as indicated by the "Passed QC #9" sticker on the main frame (that number was on mine and probably varies from unit to unit).

2. The green dot stickers found on the FBL / Receiver and near the UPC code on box the unit came in are to indicate that the firmware has been checked and if required updated to the most recent version. This also indicates that the heli has been has been test flown and trim flight performed as required prior to leaving the factory and being shipped to vendors and customers.

The above procedures were implemented because of the first production run of 230 S helis that were shipped with firmware versions which did not allow the owners to calibrate the FBL / Receiver which was required to perform a trim flight to correct any unwanted flight behavior. Now you can purchase this unit in confidence when you see the green dot and other stickers placed on the packaging and heli knowing it was QC inspected and Passed as well as updated and test flown before reaching its new owner.

Well done HH, good to see your listening to your customers.

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