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Difficult to see what is left from the 230s, if anything, to go in these beautiful shells.

The Rakon parts are from the 130x and 200 SRX; that consists of the hub and grips. The connecting rods and feathering shafts are from the Blade 130x Red Bull. All these parts are still available.

However the 130x five blade swash is now discontinued and would not fit on the 230s main shaft anyway, good luck trying to find one, and the 200SRX swash is for a fixed pitch arrangement with two servos although that is currently available from Rakon.

The frame is not from Blade, neither 130x, 230s or 200SRX. I seem to remember you use a discontinued Walkera frame which I have been unable to source in the UK after over a year of searching.

Disappointingly, it does not seem to be a viable build. I wish it were.

Please feel free to correct anything I have wrong.
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