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Thanks again!
The 3-bladed head comes with its dedicated shaft. Apparently it uses TWO Jesus bolts:
According to that thread it seems to sit rather low even on a 600 nitro shaft, since the blade grips end up just above the anti-rotation bracket. I would love to get some real measurements, though, but it seems that head is too low for an AS350.
I just looked at some drawings of an AS350. In 600 size the rotor (=feathering shaft center) sits about 16.5cm above the tail boom center. On the TREX 600CF that distance is about 19.5cm according to the drawing in the manual, which shows the flybar head, of course (I'm on my luch break at work and therefore can't measure on my heli). So, the rotor plane should be about 3cm lower than on a flybarred 600CF, which may actually turn out right with that Align head. If I look at that same drawing in the manual, the (flybarred) rotor plane is about 3.5cm above where the grips would barely clear the anti-rotation bracket.
Does this sound reasonable to you? I have to admit that I'm actually surprised that it seems to work out...!
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