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I facing the same problem.
I think it not a satellite problem because I try this on another FC (SP Racing F3) it work correctly.

anyone found and solve this problem?
pls help.

Originally Posted by felborn View Post
This thing is really doing my head in. Been working on it all night, no luck. I can get my DX18 to bind to RX, a DSMX orignal receiver okay. I can see the orange light turn on and of when I turn my radio on and off, but the receiver sees no signal in Cleanflight.

Soldered the signal pin to port4, checked the soldering and everything seems fine. One thing I notice it that it keeps binding to DMSX and 22ms framerate no matter how much I try to say 11ms frame. Could that be my problem?

How on earth can I get my DX18 to bind to 11ms?
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