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I got my big hole motor K110 from eBay seller domecool, who is a sub-dealer of TomTop I think. But, domecool stopped selling the K110.

So, I ordered another K110 more recently from another TomTop sub-dealer, tomorrohome, and received a small hole motor version, but it has almost as much power as the big hole, and definately more power then my June K110. It's currently $58.89 shipped from the US.

Both of my most recent K110s will fly 3D on any battery just fine, so I have just been using the Goo batteries for them and saving my graphene & Hyperion batteries for the V977s and the older K110. I think it's just luck of the draw which motor you get, but the general trend seems to be that all motors are improving over time, at least among my 5 personal V977/K110.
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