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Originally Posted by silverwings007 View Post

With your certified and checked 230S would you please explain what your swash does during initialisation and spool up in safe mode.

Many other guys, including myself, own a original batch 230s that needs a lot of left aileron and a little back on take off due to the swash leaning forward and right on spool up regardless of how many trim flights and calibrations you perform. Is this normal or not compared with yours?

Yes, unfortunately that is the characteristics of the FBL / Receiver in the 230 S when it comes to lift off in stability or normal mode. It will do so to a lesser extent when you use IU1 or IU2 as the stabilization feature is not used when your transmitter is set according to the 230 S manual in IU1 & IU2. It seems when lifting off in normal or stability mode the FBL is trying hard to keep the heli level, but instead makes for a tougher lift of transition. I usually use IU1 or IU2 for takeoff, and also have my gear set to another switch, so the "B" switch or flight mode switch is only used for controlling head speed, and on my TX (DX9 BE) I have the gear switch on "C" switch for turning stability on or off.

I hope this was of some help to you, and enjoy the 230 S, I know I really like this bird.

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