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Got mine pretty early but I ordered it right after launch. Been enjoying it ever since.

Biggest feature of this cool little camera ship.... ITS NOT WHITE AND UGLY!

When people pull out a Phantom, all you hear are groans and moans ... "here comes another idiot to get us banned"... when I pull out the Mavic people practically run over to check it out.

Once they figure out it's made by the same people as the Evil White Ugly Flying Plastic Pillows, they don't seem to mind (colour is good, design is good, size is great).


Beware the camera has issues that bother some people (1080 60fps mode looks crap) but for the size you can't beat it.

If your looking for one, just drop by any Apple store, they seem to be hiding them in the back and not knowing what to do with them lol. Been finding them everywhere (be sure not to buy the demo model!!! One guy already did).

Yes it has GEO (Geo Fence) but unless you live right next to an International Airport it isn't a problem (shockingly). Its only if you try to fly basically over the Airport it won't let you. Nothing stopping idiots from being in the flight path though on approach and departure.

For people that need to do aerial inspections of any sort, you can just stuff this little guy into your glove box of your vehicle and pull it out when needed, it's THAT small yet has all the features of the bigger brothers and is stable as all hell.

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