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Default What's up with DJI's lipo guide

So being a heli flyer first and a noob with DJI, I've learned just about my fill with handling and caring for lipos. So the basics....

Don't fly past 3.7 (or experience LVC)
Charge to 3.85 when storage for long periods

But then with DJI, they say to cycle your lipo every 20 charges down to 8% and then fully charge (yes I know they no longer mention this in some manuals). But that would be almost at a critically low voltage, and goes against everything I've herd!

Second, they let their smart lipos discharge back to 3.85 but after 10 days! Some say just letting a fully charged lipo sit for a couple of days can damage the capacity.

Third... They then pack a 2s 6000 mha lipo in the TX and don't offer anyway to remove or discharge it!

Is this just a ploy to get returned service on dead lipos....? Are these some special new kind of lipo material that needs this kind of abuse? Or am I missing something?

Please enlighten me
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