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Originally Posted by henry76 View Post
Did anyone noticed some strange behaviors with his Spektrum/Orange-Module and his Spektrum-Model ?

Take a look on this thread on a german Jeti-Forum:

Short translation: Spektrum is using pulse lengths of 1100 - 1900 microseconds, as Jeti is using 1000 - 2000 microseconds you have to limit the servo throws of your Jeti transmitter to 80% each way ! otherwise you will not be able to use as an exemple: the different flight modes of an Blade MCPx !

At least this does work for me. With servo throws of 100% I wasn't able to fly my Blade MCPx but now with 80% everything works as expected !
Center is also to be setup:

Spektrum center is 1520 uS (Jeti is 1500uS)
Spektrum -100% is 1120 uS -150% is 920uS
Spektrum +100% is 1920 uS +150% is 2120 uS

This means in JETI servos setup, put
servo center +8%
max negative -80%
max positive +80%
max negative limit -100%
max positive limit +100%

Binding issues:
Spektrum throttle chanel (1) must be -100% at bind time,
it's necessary to have servo 1 output at 1120 uS (-80%)
in jeti TX at bind time
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