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Originally Posted by henry76 View Post
Did anyone noticed some strange behaviors with his Spektrum/Orange-Module and his Spektrum-Model ?

Take a look on this thread on a german Jeti-Forum:

Short translation: Spektrum is using pulse lengths of 1100 - 1900 microseconds, as Jeti is using 1000 - 2000 microseconds you have to limit the servo throws of your Jeti transmitter to 80% each way ! otherwise you will not be able to use as an exemple: the different flight modes of an Blade MCPx !

At least this does work for me. With servo throws of 100% I wasn't able to fly my Blade MCPx but now with 80% everything works as expected !
This is actually not just Jeti, but commonplace for any set of modular TX to Module groupings.

Its not too bad as it is basically universal to that MFG pairing.

Taranis --> DSM2 --> 100% T - 85% DSM2
Jeti --> DSM2 --> 100% J - 80% DSM2
Walkera --> DSM2 --> 100% W - 105% DSM2

Once figured out, you can use those in any model setups you need.

* Why this is a non-issue in most Helis: You set up the FBL by ensuring the controls go -100 to +100 and center at 0 before you set it up.

* Why this is a non issue with most or all KITS (Plane or otherwise) - We will always build a kit and set the required throws as they are on the actual kit, by messing with the TX anyway.

* Just the prebuilt, preconfigured, models like MCPX, etc would need to have some "Translation" because the guide obviously would be for the standard TX.. MCPX is particularly evil as it normally needs to tune down even the Spektrum TX throws to not Bog.

Having the option available to POP in a module and fly what ever you want is unbeatable. It makes Jeti, at least in my opinion, the worlds closest to being PERFECT TX. (It only needs "REPLACE" logic in mixing to hit perfection IMHO)
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