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Originally Posted by dogbreath View Post
I'm about there with a BNF plank for my Raleighcopter Orange RX box. I'm also eyeing a small heli. Can someone verify these BNF channel assignments?

thanks, Dan

Plane: - YES!!! Validated 100% (You will want about 20% more expo than normal.)
1. Throttle
2. Aileron
3. Elevator
4. Rudder
5. Flap
6. Aux

Heli: - NO! See below:
1. Pitch
2. Roll
3. Elevator
4. Yaw
5. Agility
6. Rescue
*** 7. Rescue

Helis on DSM2/DSMX use this port mapping.
1. Throttle
2. Roll (Aileron)
3. Pitch (Elevator)
4. Yaw (Rudder)
5. **** VARRIES ****
6. Collective Pitch
7. **** VARRIES ****

If a heli allows for multiple flight modes, this setting will be CH5 (-100,0,+100) and the Tail Gyro Gain will NOT be settable. (EX: The Blade 230s.)

If a heli allows for gyro gain to be managed, then CH5 is tail gyro gain.

If a heli includes CP capabilities AND a rescue, the rescue will be CH7 (EX: Blade 230S)

If a heli is FIXED PITCH but includes flight modes, AND rescue, the modes will be CH5 and rescue will be CH6. (EX: Blade 200srx)

1. Throttle
2. Roll
3. Pitch
4. Yaw
5. Tail Gyro Gain
6. Collective Pitch
7. Rescue (On newer BeastX systems with rescue)
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