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Originally Posted by jbaum81 View Post

I've seen (can't find it) a mod to allow you to put in an orange RX DSMX module into the Jeti, is it possible to do that mod and this mod simultaneously?

Right now I run Vcontrol for my birds and carry a DX9 to buddy box my dad and my son. I'd like to have an all in one solution to be able to buddybox spektrum users, preferably wirelessly.

Also if so, will it work on the ds14, or do I need the ds16?
Just read the specifics a little more....


1. He wants to bind the DX9 as a buddy box.
Answer for the Module Bay - No. Need to swap a pin. The second pin goes to PPM Out, it would need to go to PPM IN on the Jeti. Its possible and likely that a jumper from the two pins could make both work at the same time (Both wired to work at same time anyway) without a short since the Jeti plug uses a common ground AND only enables one pathway at a time in the config. (PPM Setting lets you change between PPM IN or three PPM Out options, 8+, 8-, and 16). Then from there, he'd need to use the FrSky module case and a DSM2/DSMX receiver wired into it. (To bind and produce PPM Out... Oh yeah.... Those are rare!! So likely needs to be an OrangeRX DSM2/DSMX receiver with PPM out.)

Answer without Module Bay - (Can also be used with module bay but requires a DS16 or the licensing for dual band and the trainer for the DS14 enabled) - Take an R3 receiver, flash with the firmware that allows it to do PPM IN. Wire it into the trainer port on the DX9 (You can pull power from the charge port on the DX9) Then your Jeti RX is basically a TX module. You bind it to your Jeti TX as a second Jeti Wireless trainer box, Slave.)

**** The way the module bay works does not interfere with the Jeti TX in any way, so even with the module bay on the Jeti, and a module in it, this method will work too. (As will flying any of your Jeti enabled planes / helis) Nothing turns off the Jeti TX. It just adds another TX speaking a different protocol and re-broadcasting the first 8 or first 16 channels.

Important options that help clarify how this works.

1. Pop in an EZUHF module. (5 mile range)
2. Wire the EZUHF and Jeti RX through a wireless buddy box receiver harness.
3. Make the Jeti the Primary, and make ch 9 go to the control mechanism. (Switches between 0, the standby, and 100, the primary.)
4. Set CH9 to a value of 100 (Just always on at 100)

Take off... You got your telemetry, all the full Jeti capabilities... Then fly out of range. Telemetry goes nuts. Jeti looses signal, and you still have control to 5 miles away because it will flip to the other RX when all signals go to the failsafe values (ch9 goes down to 0) and Ch1-8 are duplicated on the EZUHF RX.

Hopefully this makes sense.
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