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Originally Posted by Grittner View Post
I just got me a DS14 Diablo Still on the way, but before I use Spektrum I started with FullRX then use some Sats (2012-14) and I had some problems at the field of loosing signal, not a lot but in those 2 years I probably crash 4-6 times do to lost of signal, I try OrangeRx and since then never had a problem I Bought the ones with Telemetry Integrated and S.Bus connectivity, and never look back. weird but I trust more OrangeRx then Ar8000 or SATīs.
No sure if we're talking about the same....

Your talking about Receivers? A bridge box consist of a TX backplate (Orange or Spectrum/JR) and a small JETI RX (for me the 4i)

The JETI TX transmit to the JETI small RX in the Box....connected to PPM on the backplate transmitting dsmx to any BNF plane/Heli....
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