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I love it when these discussions turn into arguments of opinion.

I agree with TF

I adjust my MAH consumed until I land with 20-25% of my pack consumed. Regardless of my flying style. As the pack ages I will adjust my alarm. Simple.

Now keep in mind if I check it right after I land or after the pack has cooled it could vary 10-15%. Blabla

Do I care? No.

It's already on the charger at 5C. Don't worry, I'll fly again in roughly 10:00 minutes. While your continuing this pointless argument.

I say again, For Telemetry get a simple, reliable system. Your current transmitter is most likely not the best choice. You most likely will have to update your radio.

Try doing it by voltage alarms as it's been suggested & when your first pitch pump sets off the low voltage alarm you will be right back where you started. Keep it simple.

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