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From what I read here it seems that no one knows the discharge curves of lipo batteries:

The voltage of Lipo remains almost constant until 95% or more of discharge and the last 5% of discharge, the voltage collapses very fast.
In a 3D flight with modern electric helicopters that lasts between 3 and 4 minutes, if it is decided to land ONLY when the voltage begins to fall, it would only have very few seconds to land and stop the engine before the battery is fully discharged below 3V per cell and thus irreparably damaged.
If you add to this a r/c or l/c circuit that delays the real voltage loss, at every landing based ONLY on the delayed voltage, you should throw away the lipo pack.

Side notes: who today start a flight without the battery full charged? As yet remember, today a 3D electric model doing 3D flight for only 3/4 minutes. Who today start a flight for flight only 2 or 1 minutes or less?
With a nitro I can understand that sometime instead of an usual 8 minutes one can start a flight with half tank and do a flight for 4 minutes, but here we are speaking of electric, not nitro (or gasser).
Is right to keep in mind the theories, but too often live far away from the usual practice.

Exactly as the correct theory that the phase lag on rigid heads must be adjusted to less than 90 but that, in the practical reality of the facts on 25,000 units (where the phase lag can be varied by software if necessary), has never been changed on any of the 25,000 units. Theory vs usual practice and reality of real rc-model.
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